Philips Hue Updates GU10 Color Bulbs

Philips Hue Updates GU10 Color Bulbs

Everyone’s favorite smart light company, Philips Hue, has updated their GU10 Color Bulbs.

They are now, smaller, more efficient, and have richer colors; what’s not to love?

And they include Bluetooth connectivity for those that wish to start with a single light or two before moving to the Hub.

The updated lights have the following technical features:

  • Shorter – 58mm (~2.3″) height vs 72mm (~2.8″)
  • 70% Brighter – 350 lumens vs 250 lumens
  • 14% More efficient – 5.7W vs 6.5W power consumption
  • Richer Colors

The shorter size means that it’s more inline with the size of common GU10 bulbs and housings, meaning it will perfectly replace your existing GU10 lights.

The image below shows the physical differences between the two generations of the Hue GU10 bulb.

The new Hue GU10 is shorter and smaller overall, and most noticeably doesn’t have the U-shaped design element on the side.

The easiest way to identify the new GU10 bulb will be by the Bluetooth logo at the top right of the box, as this is only present in the new bulb.

It is currently listed as out of stock on the Philips Hue website, but we expect them to update their listings across retailers very shortly.

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