Logitech Pop Button Review

Logitech Pop Button Review

Have you ever dreamt of having a single button that you can whatever you want? You’re not the only one. 

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve left the house thinking my location-based automation would turn all my lights and AC off, only to discover hours later that they’ve been on the whole time.

Someone at Logitech must have felt the same way. Because they created the Pop Button.

A fully customizable multi-use button that can be set up to control everything from your Sonos to your thermostat. 

logitech pop button
logitech pop button

Logitech Pop Hardware

The button itself is about 2” by 2” and quite shallow. It comes with a double sided adhesive so you can place it wherever you want. The material is a soft touch plastic that feels very pleasant and gives off a feeling of high quality. 

Logitech even offers the Pop button in multiple colors, really targeting the smart home families, that want to ensure that their tech fits in with their home décor. 

There are far too many smart home products that have great functionality but it’s clear that they skimped out on design and materials, making it an okay proposition for the nerdy bachelors among us, but a harder sell for a family home that is more mature and grown up. 

Getting the Logitech Pop set up is a quick and painless process. Plug the accompanying hub directly into the wall outlet somewhere central in your home. After that you there are two ways of setting everything up.

If you have a HomeKit based smart home, just scan the HomeKit code located on the hub or on the packaging, and follow the prompts on your iPhone. 

logitech pop button

If you have a Z-wave or mish mash of a smart home, you simply download the Logitech Pop app on your phone, and follow the setup instructions there. 

Logitech POP Software

Within the native app the Logitech Pop is compatible with a wide variety of smart home devices, including Samsung SmartThings and IFTTT, meaning all your Z-wave and zigbee devices are compatible with the Pop button. 

It can be insanely difficult to find a product that is compatible with all possible ecosystems, much less one that works well with them. The Logitech Pop does a good job allowing users to use it in their preferred ecosystem, because let’s face it, most people that use HomeKit, won’t stray away from it, so this is right up their alley. 

The button offers three ways of using it. A single button press, a double press, and a long hold. Each can be set up to do an unique task or trigger an unique scene. 

I tend to leave lights on all over the house, and inevitably leave one on when I leave the house. I’ve tried unsuccessfully for years to get my HomeKit automation to turn off the lights based on my location, and I know I’m not the only one that has struggled with it working consistently. 

By placing a Logitech Pop button next to my back door, a simple tap of the button turns off all my lights, and I never have to worry about whether or not it worked. 

logitech pop button
logitech pop button

On top of all that, it’s very quick and responsive, and is something anyone in the family can use and understand. 

If you have smart bulbs like Hue or Lifx in your home, you’ll be very familiar with the struggle of someone turning off the light switch, and your lights are no longer useful. People have created makeshift covers and plates that sort of fix the problem, but are either visually unappealing or limited in usability. 

A well placed Pop button can resolve that issue, and can even add functionality by setting custom light scenes at the push of a button, with the benefit of working with multiple brands and devices. 

Now aside from just lights and scenes, the Pop button can also trigger more involved automations and scenes.  

Pop is fully compatible with Sonos, so you can program the Pop button to start your favorite station or playlist, and then further combine that with the aforementioned lights to create a “Party Mode” that’ll be add some fun and magic into the home.

For those of you with Harmony remotes / hubs, you can take it a step further for movie night. One press of the Pop button and you can have your TV and stereo turn on, and your lights dim.

Little things like that end up making your smart home more fun and special. You’re not reliant on your phone to enable the scenes or turn everything on, not to mention it’s a whole lot more steps that hitting a button just once. 

All of this brings us to the Golden Question.

Should you buy this?

The Logitech Pop starter kit is $59.99, and that includes a Pop button and the Hub. You can expand from there with additional Pop buttons in various colors for just $25. 

Even though the Logitech Pop isn’t the cheapest product in the world, it is the most complete, with complete support for SmartThings and IFTT, and HomeKit.

The Logitech Pop brings functionality and simplicity to your smart home, along with some charm and fun, and who wouldn’t want some more of that. 

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